Since closing this thing down I have been concentrating far more on my own internet business, oRe Net(the work link), focused on SME business internet solutions, including dealing with the above, with linux security management/consultancy, and more.

During that time I also did some work for Rock Matrix and affiliated brands. Eventually I left, quite dissatisfied with that entity, which was no longer doing the sort of thing I would feel right about putting the old content from here onto, so I'm not going to do that any more.

Having previously said that I don't have time to maintain this thing I have realised (among other useful things) that this is in part due to not being very smart about the implementation. So that said, I may bring this and some of my other domains (such as the old Subterranean Hell Noise domain name, which I always paid for) live as a smarter and less time intensive site covering primarily heavy metal, but also related genres (with all the features I wanted to have in the aforementioned company, but never were sanctioned or implemented fully), some time soon... I am reviewing options, but don't really want to fork out hard cash for this, which some of the software options require.

Oh, and here's a link to my specific personal stuff, which hasn't really been updated in ages. One of these days...

-- Kyrian.

Last Updated: 2009/10/29

PS. No, I am not interested in selling this domain, unless it's going to make me filthy rich, because I've had it in use for a decade, even though there is no 'live' website here right now, and the inconvience of changing everything around after a sale would be massive. Apropos, here is a link to the Office Of Resource Efficiency, who I can only assume do good work..